About me

My name is Natasha, I am a professional matchmaker and I run this website.

I was born in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. Here I earned two Bachelor's degrees, one in Business Management and second Bachelor degree in Psychology. It gives me a chance to understand better my clients and their needs (to meet a right bride). Because I am a very social person and enjoy meeting new people I decided to start [ukraine-marriage.com]. I have a positive spiritual approach to life and it helps me to make many things possible.

I have provided many meaningful introductions and achieved high success rate since I started
this website. My goal is a good reputation,
and I am determined to keep working on it.

My service
My service is very personalized. I do all consultations with my client by myself, I spend a lot of time attentively listening to my client to establish understanding, to discuss in a comfortable conversation his views on life and perceptions of himself and a wife he wants to find.
Personal Involvement
I believe that initial proper understanding of my client's personality and his needs is the key to success in the matchmaking.

I am committed in providing the best professional service and advice. After each introduction I like to get a feedback from both sides (client and bride). This feedback gives me an opportunity to understand current situation and give an advice for the future introductions. Such approach helps my client to meet a right bride.

Support all the way
From the beginning of matchmaking process I work intensively to learn more about your expectations, values and desires. Even when you found your wife, and relationship is established, I open to provide a guidance regarding marriage process in Ukraine and necessary documents.

I believe that my personal involvement on every step of the process is a base of success in finding your wife.